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Every marijuana grower understands the importance of choosing the best cannabis seeds for their needs. Yield, height, strength, and smell are just some of many factors which need to be considered. However, when planning to buy cannabis seeds, many would-be marijuana growers often fall at the first hurdle by failing to choose the best marijuana seedbank to suit their needs.

For new marijuana growers, it’s also important to have the correct information available in order to save time, money, and effort. Our cannabis grow guide is packed full of helpful hints and tips to help you in your efforts!

Nowadays many growers prefer to buy feminized cannabis seeds. These seeds are the modern peak in cannabis seeds breeding. While difficult to produce, feminized seeds grow into all female plants therefore saving growers the hassle of removing unwanted males and can easily be found at all the major cannabis seedbanks.

We know what it’s like when it comes to choosing the best cannabis seeds to suit your needs. We have heard too many stories from our customers attempting to buy cannabis seeds from one of the many “seedbanks” online, and either receiving poor quality seeds or no seeds at all. And because we feel so passionately about the subject, we have carefully chosen the best cannabis seed banks online, and listed them below in our cannabis seed bank reviews to help you in your efforts.. Enjoy!

Seedbank Review
Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana Seeds is our top pick. With such favourites as AK 48, Haze, Master Kush, Northern Lights, Super Skunk, White Widow & more, from as little as £16 (€20) this prestigious Dutch marijuana seedbank is our top pick if money is an issue! Not only do they stock some of the best cannabis seeds online at unbeatable prices, but also the nutrients needed to help them grow!
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Sensi Seeds

One of the oldest and best Dutch cannabis seed banks, Sensi Seeds celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010. Home to countless cannabis cup winners including Big Bud, Northern Lights and Haze, not to mention the legendary Jack Herer strain! Nine awards and counting, this strain is so potent it is even distributed under prescription by Dutch pharmacies as a recognised variety of medicinal-grade cannabis.
White Skunk, Purple Haze.. The list goes on!
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Sensible Seeds

A massive UK based seedbank, Sensible Seeds have been trading for over 20 years and are now the fastest growing online cannabis seed bank. Sensible Seeds offer a truly mindblowing selection of over 1200 cannabis seeds with options to choose by price and manufacturer. Sensible Seeds’ indepth articles on each strain including info on THC , CBD and an indepth insight into the new and very fast autoflowering strains. Sensible Seeds also offer all of their cannabis seeds in single or mixed packs, meaning you can pick and mix between hundreds of cannabis strains, choosing just
one cannabis seed from each.
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Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman Seeds have been selling cannabis seeds online for 7 years. Not only do they sell their own brand of cannabis seeds, but stock just about every cannabis seed there is.. meaning a LOT of cannabis seeds for sale! Seedsman Seeds also now offer more products to help you store your seeds, cannabis related clothing, and an increasing amount of books to help you in your marijuana growing needs.
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Pick & Mix Seeds

Pick & Mix Seeds are a UK based marijuana seed supplier. If you find you can’t seem to make your mind up on one strain then why not Pick & Mix your seeds yourself then! Pick & Mix allow you to choose each seed individually and claim not charge any extra for doing so. Pick & Mix claim that if a pack of ten seeds cost £20
then you can buy 1 seed for £2.
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Amsterdam Seeds

Amsterdam Seeds (Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds) are yet another Dutch marijuana seedbank. Stocking over 40 strains of some of the best cannabis seeds online, they also offer 20 FREE cannabis seeds with every order. While this may at first seem like an incredible offer, the quality of these “FREE” seeds is however questionable. Overall, a very highly respected seedbank with some excellent cannabis genetics.
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White Widow Seeds

At first glance it’s easy to note the similarities between White Widow Seeds and Amsterdam Seeds (Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds). Both offer many of the same excellent strains including Light Of Jah, Lemon Ice, New York Diesel, and Medijuana. However by by taking a closer look it’s easy to see that White Widow Seeds’ specialty is in fact their “White” strains. With such strains as White Ice, White Skunk, and White Sensation not to mention our personal favourite Big Bud x White Widow, to name but a few! White Widow Seeds also offer 10 FREE White Widow
seeds with every order.
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Buy Dutch Seeds
Buy Dutch Seeds is yes, you guessed it, a Dutch seedbank! In our opinion their main strength is their range of outdoor marijuana seeds including kc 33 x master kush, but they all also stock a few rare indoor beauties such as Snow White and
Haze x Skunk, which are bound to impress your friends!
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Warning: Under Section 6 of the UK Drugs Act 1971 it is an offence to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis in the UK without a licence from the Secretary of State. Anyone committing an offence contrary to this section may be imprisoned, fined, or both. Buycannabis seeds ( strongly advise against breaking the law.